Rent Increase Announced!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – The rent increase rate, which is calculated based on the 12-month CPI average, appeared in April. The rent increase rate, calculated on the basis of the average 12-month consumer price index announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute, was 70.20 percent after the March inflation announcement.

According to news cited by Habertürk, the exchange rate, which peaked at 72.45 in January, fell to 71.83 in February. The highest level of increase will apply at a rate of 70.20 percent with the increase to be made this month for jobs.

An addendum to the 25 percent ceiling, introduced in June 2022 to prevent housing rents from skyrocketing, will remain in effect until July.

If the new application is not implemented, the housing growth rate will be calculated according to the 12-month CPI average as of July.

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