“Rise in temperature is a danger to human health”

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Explaining this by the fact that especially during this period of hot weather and high humidity, certain diseases may occur more often in people. Dr. Tanriver said: “So much so that the warnings given by the meteorological authorities show us that scorching temperatures are just around the corner. If you feel one or more of the conditions of nausea, headache, weakness, clouding of consciousness, constant fatigue, or if you have dark urine, it means that you are dehydrated. People with diabetes and high blood pressure should be especially careful. There may be varicose veins, blood pressure may drop, we may feel weak all the time and even faint. These symptoms can cause what we call sunstroke,” he said.


Listing things to do in hot weather, one by one, Dr. Dr. Tanriver said:

“You know, 37 degrees is our body temperature, which we consider normal. But it comes to such situations that it can rise to 39-40 degrees. That’s when we pay attention. If your body temperature is over 40 degrees, you may need to be hospitalized. First of all, if possible, let’s not go outside from 11:00 to 16:00. Secondly, let’s drink plenty of fluids and not think that tea, coffee and other drinks that we drink will replace water. Unfortunately, we lose an incredible amount of water through urination, breathing and sweat. Let’s pay attention to this. If we go out, let’s wear thin, loose, light-colored clothes. Let’s protect ourselves from the sun as much as possible by wearing a hat. Those involved in sports should take care to do so, especially during the morning and evening hours. Let’s eat light foods, you can eat salads from seasonal greens. We can drink a lot of soup. In general, we can increase fluid intake. In such weather, especially those with chronic diseases should be more careful. Children, infants and the elderly should not go outside when the sun’s rays are perpendicular to the ground. Make sure that there is air flow in the houses. In this way, we can reduce the effect of temperature. If a situation such as fainting occurs, you should definitely consult a doctor.


Emphasizing that the loss of fluid, minerals, vitamins and amino acids in the body must be measured, Uzm. Dr. Tanriver said: “This should be done under medical supervision. If necessary, it is necessary to take more than this amount of liquid, then the vitamin, mineral, amino acid and electrolyte balance can be achieved by intravenous methods of treatment. Please consult your doctor about these methods. These days, when we feel the African heat, we say: do not neglect a visit to the doctor.

In addition, dr. Dr. Tanriver said: “Do we have a deficit in this period, how can we determine it? Please consult with your doctor for questions such as whether we have problems at the cellular, tissue or organ level. Through examination, screening and consultation, it is possible to take measurements throughout the body, to find the balance of vitamin deficiency, mineral and electrolyte deficiency, and we can explore this at the cellular level. Using artificial intelligence and genetic testing, perhaps many different advanced methods, we can find damage, problems and root causes in our body and plan their treatment. If you ask if consciousness is growing in society, I think yes, yes. People have begun to pay much more attention to their health, especially after the pandemic. We recommend that these measurements be taken especially towards the end of summer, and medical supervision should be eliminated. After the end of summer, we say that examinations, screenings and consultations towards the end of summer should not be neglected in order to increase our immunity at the cellular level in order to prepare for winter and make up for all deficiencies.


exp. Dr. Tanriver said: “Despite the fact that 67 percent of our body is already water, we are losing fluid all the time. Especially in this heat… What to do? Our fluid needs can vary by gender, weight, activity, and diet. But for the general sample, we recommend consuming 2.5 liters of fluid per day, or up to 35 milliliters above your weight. When I say liquid, I don’t mean acidic drinks, coffee, tea. Because, unfortunately, these liquids further increase the need for water. Drinking water; It allows you to break down the food we eat, restores the skin, reduces forgetfulness, evens out body temperature, regulates blood circulation, speeds up metabolism and increases the body’s resistance. When it comes to drinking water, my first suggestion is: I can tell you the best way to say good morning to your body when you get up in the morning. Starting the day by drinking water will flush out toxins. Let’s drink water before bed. Unfortunately, if we drink water with meals, it can adversely affect our digestive enzymes. It is very important to drink water before taking a bath. Drink water at least half an hour before meals and at least 1 hour after meals and 1 hour before bedtime to regenerate cells. In addition, we can drink water while sitting instead of standing. And finally, let’s leave a bowl of water in front of our houses for our little friends in this hot weather.”

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