Rising prices for red meat

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The president of the Ankara Chamber of Butchers, Fazli Yalchindag, said that the almost 100 percent increase in the price of red meat over the past two months had a negative impact on butchers and buyers. “It is believed that butchers inflate the price of meat. The butchers have no influence on the rise in prices, in fact, when prices rise, our sales fall, and this is at a loss for us. said.

Yalchindag, in his assessment on the matter, said that the butchers were concerned and had a negative impact on the rise in meat prices in recent months.

Noting that about a year ago, producers had difficulties due to lower milk prices, Yalchyndag said: “Because milk prices were not what the producers wanted, the producers had to sell their cows. It harmed the animal existence. There has been a decrease in the existing number of animals and a decrease in the birth of new animals. used phrases.

Yalchindağ stressed that rising production costs also had a negative impact on livestock keepers and that livestock keepers who could not afford such costs had to send their animals to be slaughtered.

“Butchers change labels every week”

Yalsindag, “As dairy farmers sell their livestock, the availability of livestock is reduced. The supply of red meat on the market naturally declined. The butchers have been changing labels every week for the last 2 months. Butchers are believed to have raised the price of meat. Butchers have no influence on price increases. We are trying to sell by adding our profit to the price we get. In fact, when prices rise, our sales fall, and this, in fact, is at a loss for us,” he said.

Claiming that the prices of red meat from suppliers are increasing by 5-20 lira every week, Yalcindağ said: “When we ask our suppliers, namely our wholesalers, about the reason for this, we get the answer that slaughter prices are increasing every week. Prices for everything are rising in our country, but the almost 100% increase in red meat in two months negatively affects us and our customers, it is difficult for us to explain to our customers. There is a topic that we want to get an answer to, what happened that prices fell by half? We are going through sensitive days. We invite everyone to common sense” He said.

“Measures must be taken as soon as possible, imports may come to the fore”

Yalchindağ indicated that the problem with the supply of animals could increase and noted that the authorities should take action as soon as possible.

Explaining that provinces affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras continue to slaughter animals, Yalchindağ said: “We also hear that there are some opportunists who are using the earthquake as an excuse. This situation is a disgrace to our industry and our country.” said.

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