Root month game on the lowest pension

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The resolution announcing the increase in the minimum pension to 7,500 Turkish liras was submitted to the parliament yesterday.

The 11th article of the supplementary bill that we have reached states that “it aims to increase the monthly minimum payment amount, which is provided for in the amount of 5 thousand 500 Turkish liras on the basis of documents, to 7 thousand 500 Turkish liras for our pensioners and beneficiaries receiving old-age/disability/death pensions”.

According to the social security expert, this provision is not an increase in the lowest pension, but only a financial support of 2,000 Turkish liras for pensioners who receive a monthly salary of 5,500 Turkish liras.

Kocaeli University, Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, lecturer, prof. Dr. Aziz Celik drew attention to the same situation and said: “The current root pensions of pensioners have not changed. Pensions below 7 thousand 500 TL will be brought up to 7 thousand 500 TL through the contribution of the Treasury for pensioners. During normal periods of increase (January and July), pensions will be increased by no more than 7,500 Turkish Liras, but by their own root pensions,” he said.


prof. Dr. Celik explained this situation with an example as follows:

“Currently, a pensioner whose basic pension is 5,000 Turkish liras receives 5,500 Turkish liras monthly with state support of 500 Turkish liras. In the new situation, this pensioner will receive 7 thousand 500 TL with the support of the Treasury in the amount of 2 thousand 500 TL. However, the increase he will receive in July will be more than 5,000 Turkish liras. For example, if he receives a 20 percent increase, his basic pension will be 6,000 Turkish liras. This time, the Treasury will cover 1,500 Turkish Lira.”

Emphasizing that this is unfair and unfair, Celik said: “With this application, pensioners are equalized at the bottom, just like the minimum wage. While some pensioners receive a 36 percent difference, some pensioners receive a smaller difference, those who receive TL 7,500 or more per month will not receive any difference. Their pensions will also be nearing the bottom. This practice means piling up at the bottom. They create equality in the misfortune pension,” he said.


It is emphasized that this regulation also creates injustice in relation to those who have paid higher insurance premiums for years in order to receive higher pensions.

The social security expert said: “The one who pays the minimum premium and 7,500 Turkish liras who pays the premium are equal in pension. Instead of equating those who pay the minimum premium of 3,200 Turkish Liras with those who pay 7,000 Turkish Liras, measures should also be taken for higher monthly areas to correct the imbalance.

In the current situation, the expert, who has calculated that almost half of the pensioners in the country will receive a pension of TL 7,500, predicts that if this continues, a very significant proportion of pensioners will be combined with the lowest pension for several years.


On the other hand, even if the minimum pension is increased to 7,500 Turkish liras, the same will not apply to widows and orphans.

If the deceased pensioner has a pension of 10,000 Turkish lira, this pension is divided as 50 percent to his wife and 25 percent to his children. In other words, mothers are given 5,000 liras and children 2,500 liras.

Even if the pension of a deceased pensioner is increased from TL 5,500 to TL 7,500, his wife and children will be divided at the same rate from TL 7,500, that is, the widow and orphan will not receive a net income. 7 thousand 500 lire.


prof. Dr. Celik pointed out that the main thing to do is to bring pensions to the level of the minimum wage under the law and raise other pensioners in this amount.

Saying: “The reason for the decrease in pensions is the Law No. 5510 adopted by the SEP in 2008,” Celik continued as follows:

“With this law, pensions have decreased, since the rate of pensions and the renewal coefficient have decreased. This completion of the application aims to fix the collapsed pension system. It consists in restoring the monthly anchor rates and the renewal rate.”

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