Roubini Inflation Warning – Last Minute Turkey & World News

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Renowned economist Nouriel Roubini, known as a “crisis predictor” for predicting the financial crisis of 2008, said that high inflation will be maintained due to geopolitical factors.

A well-known economist stated that the global economy is facing a “hard landing” due to the efforts of central banks to curb high inflation in advanced economies.

Roubini spoke at a summit organized yesterday by the Australian Financial Review. A well-known economist said that central banks are trying to bring inflation to target levels, and for this they will have to raise interest rates to higher levels than expected.


Roubini, nicknamed “Doctor Apocalypse” because of his long-term forecasts of a global economic decline; He said inflation rates in the US, Europe and Australia are more robust than market and central bank forecasts.

Stating that the continuation of the Russo-Ukrainian war and increased Chinese demand for goods would lead to higher inflation, Roubini said: “Inflation will remain high this year because commodity prices will remain high.”

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