Sanctions come to those who do not make an appointment!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Sanction for those who do not make an appointment: They will not be able to make an appointment for 15 days!

The Department of Health has taken a new step to prevent MHRS admission density. The ministry will impose sanctions on those who do not go to hospital appointments unless they lift them. People who do not cancel an appointment they do not have will not be able to make an appointment at the same department for 15 days.

Minister Husband warned

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has issued statements regarding MHRS appointments in recent days and warned those who made appointments through MHRS but did not go to hospitals.

Husband, “Last month, 2 million 866 thousand 7 people did not come for examination, despite the fact that they made an appointment through the Ministry of Health and Social Development. Is it possible to find an explanation for those who did not show up for an appointment, who wanted to make an appointment but had to wait? Unsuccessful meetings must be cancelled. If in previous months the proportion of those who did not make an appointment through MHRS was 30%, in October this figure dropped to 25%. An opportunity was provided for those who wanted to make an appointment but had to wait. We have to be serious on dates. I would like to thank those who canceled the meeting that he will not come.” he said.

Changing appointments is easy

Making an appointment with the hospital is easy through the MHRS system. Those who cannot come to the meeting can change the day or cancel the meeting. It is reported that this simple procedure is necessary to reduce the burden on hospitals.

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