Savings circular from Mehmet Simsek for government institutions!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – A savings circular signed by the Minister of Finance and Treasury Mehmet Simsek was sent today to state institutions. The circular stated that all expenditures should be reviewed except those caused by the earthquake, and indicated that the necessary steps should be taken to immediately implement the measures, and the savings would be implemented uncompromisingly. .

In the circular signed by Minister Shimshek on Friday before his trip to India for the G20 and sent out today to all government agencies dated June 30, 2021, “Savings” to save costs of government agencies and organizations, reduce bureaucratic procedures and use government resources efficiently, economically and effectively. It was recalled that a Presidential Circular on “Presidential Measures” had been issued. It was pointed out that public institutions and organizations under the circular in question are ordered to comply with the measures defined by the circular in the use of movable and immovable property, as well as their internal and external expenses, which must be made from their own budgets. or other resources at their disposal.

The Circular of the President stated that, as a general principle, the provision of public services should be carried out within the budget and with the understanding of maximum economy, without causing expenditure of allocated resources.
The circular, which proposes not to expand operations and grow businesses in a way that puts additional pressure on budgets, does not include costs or obligations that are not directly related to the areas of activity specified in the relevant legislation. , items not related to the subject of procurement are not included in tender specifications and contracts, and needs are met at a lower cost by exploiting economies of scale in future procurement. supply through joint procurement to meet
Additional savings measures in the public sector

In a circular signed by Minister Shimshek, published today, in accordance with the relevant articles of the Presidential Decree on the Presidential Organization no. economy Assist in policy preparation and implementation”, “Define the necessary standards and set limits to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, economy and efficiency of public spending, make binding rules and take measures for all public institutions. and organizations” and transferred to the Ministry of Finance.

According to the circular published with the aim of revising all expenses, with the exception of expenses related to the earthquake, taking the necessary measures for the immediate implementation of measures and ensuring subsequent savings without compromise, in addition to the aforementioned general principles, government agencies and organizations, the acquisition and rental of real estate, the acquisition and use of official vehicles, communication costs, will carry out their own expenses, such as the appointment of staff, printing and publication costs, the purchase of stationery and appliances in accordance with the rules of economy.

In addition, government agencies will be required to comply with the rules defined in the circular regarding hospitality, ceremonies, entertainment, promotions and staff costs, energy and water purchases, staff service costs and other matters.

The administrations will notify the Ministry of Finance and Finance in an official letter before July 28, through the ministries and other administrations, through the ministries and other administrations, of the works and transactions that they have carried out in their bodies and of the savings they have achieved in this context. , and areas that have the ability to save in the next period.

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