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SAFAKNA TURKEY – “At the moment, viruses such as rhinovirus, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) that cause the common cold, viruses such as influenza A and B that cause influenza, and the Sarscov 2 virus, which has been on the agenda of our country and the world for the past 2 year, and the Sarscov 2 virus, which has taken the world’s agenda, are both present, causing a respiratory infection that has led to a large number of cases. At the moment, there is no abnormal increase in the incidence of influenza, different from previous years,” he said.

Member of the Scientific Committee Assoc. Dr. Afshin Emre Lostmaz said that in cold weather, people can gather in crowded and enclosed spaces, especially in places with poor ventilation. Assoc. Dr. “Naturally, we see that the incidence of respiratory infections is increasing not only this year, but in general during the cold winter and autumn months. For now, it can be said that there has been a slight increase in calls to hospital emergency services for these respiratory tract infections.

Noting that the reduction in the use of masks compared to previous years also plays an important role in the increase in the number of respiratory tract infections mentioned, Assoc. Dr. “Now with the decrease in the use of natural masks, we are also seeing viruses such as RSV causing respiratory tract infections, influenza A and B causing influenza, and rhinovirus, which are also common,” Kaymazmaz said.


Recalling Health Minister Fahrettin Koci’s statement that “coronavirus and other upper respiratory tract infections are intermingling with each other,” Kaymazmaz said: “As our Health Minister has stated, we know that other factors of respiratory infections are circulating besides Covid. -19 at the moment. . To give an example, we see that influenza A, B, which causes influenza, and RSV, the rhinovirus, are currently circulating. This shows us that not only the respiratory tract infection-causing factor Covid-19, but also other viruses that cause respiratory infections are in circulation. Their effects on the respiratory tract are accompanied by many similar symptoms. They may progress with symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, cough, sputum production, generalized muscle and joint pain. In fact, it is not easy to distinguish them from each other by symptoms. Because it comes with similar symptoms. At the moment, viruses such as rhinovirus and RSV that cause the common cold, viruses such as influenza A and B that cause influenza, and the Sarscov 2 virus, which has been on the agenda of our country and the world for the past 2 years, are the respiratory tract that causes many cases at the same time, causes an infection,” he said.


Assoc. Dr. About ways to prevent respiratory infections, Kaymazmaz said the following:

“Most of these illnesses can be alleviated with rest or simple painkillers. The way to avoid this is to wear masks in crowded places, ventilate areas well, practice good hygiene and give vaccination reminders, especially if you are at risk. It is especially important for older people at risk, people with suppressed immune systems, to wear masks when entering the premises. Apart from this, ventilation is also important as a protective measure, and a reminder dose is important. Especially at the end of the year; In the first 2 weeks of January, the data always show us that the incidence of influenza is higher. At the moment there is no abnormal growth different from previous years. Similar growth is observed in previous years; but this is not much different from previous years. In particular, if we can protect people at risk, then in this sense we will fight well.”

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