“Scientific research raises the risk of outbreaks like coronavirus”

SHAFAKNA Türkiye. Not only living beings live on Earth, but also viruses.

Scientists suggest that in nature there may be many unknown viruses that can pose a danger to human health.

To prevent a new coronavirus-like epidemic, it is necessary to work with viruses in advance.

However, scientific research itself carries great risks.

Crashes risk getting out of hand

An accident or leak that may occur during an investigation could cause the virus to suddenly spiral out of control.

The presence of a virology lab in Wuhan, where the coronavirus first emerged, adds to these concerns.

While China has denied allegations of lab leaks since day one, the source of the virus is still a mystery.

Since 2012, the US alone has spent billions of dollars on virus research, according to Washington Post news.

In this regard, laboratories in 78 countries were allocated $ 3 billion.

However, due to the risks associated with virus research, many laboratories have decided to stop their research.

This situation once again reminds us that we live with viruses on earth and we need to be prepared for new epidemics. TRT

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