Second opportunity for EYT members from Bağ-Kur!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Expected by millions of citizens debt restructuring package It will be discussed today at a Cabinet meeting. The package includes those who live in retirement (AYT) have items of interest.

The restructuring will erase 90 percent of the interest and offer interest-free cash payments and long-term installment payments on preferential terms.

According to the Sabah newspaper; Under Bağ-Kur, EYT members who recover bonus days (by purchasing past periods) that were removed along with their debts until 2021 will also be able to benefit from this configuration.

At the revival, as with other debts, interest will be removed ahead of schedule. The debt burden of the beneficiaries of the restructuring will decrease by about a third with a decrease in the interest rate. The amount to be paid by the residents of Bagh-Kur, who will invest 150,000 liras for the revival, will decrease to 100,000 liras.

Easy way to retirement

As in the previous applications, an easy path to retirement can be opened with a deduction of up to 60 months from the pension. EYT members who retire this year will also receive a 30 percent bonus and there will be no deductions from their pay. When planning for retirement, loans should not be rushed and consideration should be given to which status to choose for retirement. Answers to some questions about the new opportunities offered under the EYT regulation and debt restructuring are as follows:

How will Bagh Kur residents benefit from the EYT law, will premium debt be restructured?

Under EYT, 7,200 Bagh Kur female employees and 9,000 male employees will be able to retire. In addition, those who complete 5,400 bonus days will be eligible for partial retirement provided they turn 50 for women and 55 for men. The restructuring package also includes insurance premiums to the Social Security Institution. As a matter of fact, intensive work on this issue is being carried out in the Establishment. Those from Bagh-Kur who relive their frozen time will also be able to take advantage of the customization option.

How should you plan your retirement today?

After the bill is passed by Parliament, it will be published in the Official Gazette signed by President Erdogan. The first step is to know what status to retire from. If you have restructured the debt when the text of the law is published, first of all, if you miss the bonus day, priority for 3600 days. Contribute the missing premium days. After the award day is over, e-government, provincial district centers of SGC will be able to apply. Government employees working part-time after giving birth will also be able to borrow money.

Will there be an arrangement for those who missed a premium day due to the epidemic?

Unemployment cannot be borrowed in Turkey. During the epidemic, jobs were closed, some of them working part-time. There is a high demand for borrowing these periods. This will delay retirement by two years. Whether this is included in legislation or not depends on the will of the Assembly.

Will benefits be provided to those who owe insurance premiums?

Bag-Kur revival loans will be beneficial for EYT. As part of the EYT, when reviving this period, it is mandatory to buy all this. Ihya is borrowed in excess of the minimum wage. Those who apply for the revival of Bag Kur in 2022 will pay 74.41 lira per day, currently 115 lira. When the restructuring comes along, it will provide major relief as the shares are removed as previous periods are acquired. About a third of the debt will be reduced.

Are there any pay cuts for EYT members, will the 30 percent increase be reflected?

No other monthly bill will be made for the insured under EYT. Pensions will be paid taking into account the consumer price index and the share of wealth. Figure updated at the start of the year, a 30 percent surcharge will apply to all retirees. When a person retires during the year, they receive all of the pay gap coefficients for that year.

When a person does not retire during the year and stays for the next year, the calculation is made with the update applied since 2008 (with annual inflation). There will be no pay cuts for EYT members who will retire this year, and no reduction in performance.

Will credit support be provided for the payment of insurance premiums, as before?

This may be possible if SSI enters into an agreement with state-owned banks after the restructuring package comes into effect. There may be a credit application in the form of a contribution from a pension for those who do not have the money needed to complete the bonus day. In previous applications, it was possible to dismiss many citizens by offering the possibility of payment with a maturity of up to 60 months.

Should everyone who has the right to military service and birth duty pay for the service?

A service loan must be taken out if there is no insurance day or if it gives the right to revoke the insurance start date. If the insurance day is not missed and the insurance does not give the right to cancel the start date, there is no need for a loan.

In particular, the increase in wages received from loans to increase pensions, as a rule, does not cover the expenses paid. PEACE

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