Shared table at the Turkish House in New York – news details

ANKARA (IGFA) – In a program hosted by the Consulate General in New York and supported by the President’s Office of Public Affairs, speakers spoke about common values.

Turkey’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Ambassador Sedat Önal, said he was happy to gather people of different faiths under the roof of Turkevi.

Onal said, “Ramadan, as they say, is a time for us Muslims to reflect and pray for the strengthening of all kinds of communities, but it is also a time to share and empathize with those who are less privileged.” used the phrase.

Reyhan Özgur, Consul General in New York, said the gala dinner they gathered around is proof of the friendship that has developed between believers of the three major religions and said, “Iftars have taken on a special meaning this year. As you know, this year we met Ramadan with sadness in connection with the earthquake that occurred on February 6 in Kahramanmarash.” He said.

“The most striking fact that disasters remind us of is that we are all members of the great human family, no matter what our faith, culture and background.” Özgur said it was delightful to see the empathy and solidarity shown by people from all walks of life for the victims of the natural disaster following the earthquake.

Emphasizing that Muslims, Christians and Jews lived side by side in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, Ozgur said: “And now Turkish Jews and Christians are an integral part of our nation. This iftar is also a response to the dangers of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, which we see as crimes against humanity.” used phrases.


Religious leaders, including United Nations Alliance of Civilizations High Representative Miguel Moratinos, New York Board of Rabbis President Joseph Eli Weinstock, and Vice President Joseph Potasnik, American Orthodox Church Archbishop Elpidophoros, and Imam Shamsi Ali, attended the ceremony, which was held for the second time this year spoke of the unity and solidarity of believers.

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