‘Side effects’ of antidepressants may make people more ‘insensitive’

SHAFAQNA TURKEY A new study has found that antidepressants have side effects that can make people more “insensitive” to positive situations.

According to a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, it was found that antidepressants, known as the hormone of happiness and providing the secretion of serotonin, which provides communication between nerve cells in the brain, negatively affect the process of “reinforcement learning”, in which people learn from their actions and in their environment.

The study, which involved 66 volunteers, looked at the effects of antidepressants on various cognitive characteristics such as reinforcement learning and decision making. Thirty-two people were given antidepressants for 21 days, and the rest were given placebo pills that did not have a curative effect.

After the process, it was observed that the positive or negative reactions of those who used antidepressants decreased in participants who were asked to complete a personal report.

Professor of Psychology at the University of Cambridge who led the study. Barbara Sahakian rated “emotional atrophy” as a common side effect of antidepressants.

Regarding the use of antidepressants, Sahakian said, “In a way, that might be how they work. Antidepressants relieve some of the emotional pain that people with depression experience, but, unfortunately, they also take away the feeling of pleasure.” used the phrase.

On the contrary, some experts acknowledge the negative effects of antidepressants noted in the study, but claim that these drugs are “one of the most effective treatments” used to combat depression.

Experts stress that the potential risks and benefits of using antidepressants can vary from person to person and that medication use should be under medical supervision.

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