Simit also got his share of the price increase!

SHAFAKNA TURKEY. The prices of simit, which is one of the cheapest products in everyday life, have again become a subject of discussion. After the increase in the minimum wage, both prices in the markets and wages in the food sector increased. Simit, one of the most consumed products in Turkey, is also getting its share of price increases.

Simit price increase by 2 TL! Bagel prices in the capital Ankara have been controversial. Ankara Chamber of Bagel Producers Savas Delibash said that the last increase in the price of bagels was in October and that after the increase in raw materials, their costs were high, so the increase was inevitable.


Assessing bagel prices, Savas Delibash, president of the Ankara Chamber of Bagels, said: “Simit is a special product. It has more sesame, oil and craftsmanship. Since baked goods are always special products, their VAT is high. At the moment, I can say that merchants cannot earn even 7 TL,” he said.

Var Delibash stated that they wrote about the price increase in Ankara to increase the price of bagels to TL 7 from January and said: “The price of a simit will probably be TL 7. We can say that a bagel costs 7 Turkish lira, like on January 20 and 25.” said.


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