Six foods that increase the risk of heart disease

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – According to the World Health Organization, diseases of the heart and circulatory system are among the highest mortality rates, accounting for about a quarter of all deaths in the UK.

Of these, coronary heart disease is the most common type. The disease can be caused by a number of factors such as diet and lifestyle.

For example, overeating certain types of food leads to a buildup of cholesterol in the blood, which can lead to dangerous blockages over time.

Shauna Wilkinson, a nutritionist, has revealed which foods to avoid to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Foods to Avoid for Heart Health

“A heart-healthy diet starts by avoiding high-cholesterol foods stored in the arteries, where, when consumed in large amounts, they begin to constrict the blood flow and put pressure on the heart,” says Wilkinson.

“Great examples of these foods are fried foods such as chips, processed foods including cakes and cookies, butter, cream and hard cheese. There are many more, so always check the label.” said.

Foods high in saturated fat that are known to raise cholesterol levels can be listed as follows:

1. Fatty parts of meat

2. Processed meats such as sausages and salami.

3. Some snacks like cheese crackers and popcorn.

4. Chocolate fondant

5. Baking

6. Palm oil, coconut oil

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