Solution found for children with diabetes

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In Samsun, a sensor was attached to the hands of children with type 1 diabetes. Thanks to the attached sensor, children were saved from having their fingers pierced at least 8 times a day.

The Samsun Provincial Health Authority attaches sensors to the children they detect through the Let Your Fingers Breathe project initiated by the Governor of Samsun respectively. While the sensor can regulate blood glucose measurement and dose itself, the tiny fingers are also puncture-free.

Muhammet Emre Saryoğlu, 9, who said that the hardest thing about piercing fingers is writing, said: “Because I had holes in my fingers at school, I fell behind other friends when writing. Now fingers do not hurt thanks to the sensor. In addition, thanks to the sensor, I can immediately measure the level of sugar. I had to pierce my fingers in my sleep. Now I got rid of it too,” he said.

Kebire Sare Sinsoy, 10, who claimed to have been saved from suffering thanks to a sensor, said: “I have had diabetes since I was 2.5 years old. I used to measure my sugar by pricking my fingers and it hurt a lot. I am now out of this situation. After that, I will bring the car to the sensor and measure. When the sensor was attached, it didn’t hurt. Nobody should be afraid of this. I hope that our state will always cover the cost of these sensors and our fingers will stay with us,” he said.

Expressing that mothers’ hearts are also pierced when each finger is pierced, Fethiye Chinsoy’s mother said, “Sensor, this has been a great convenience in our lives. I hope that all children with diabetes will be equipped with sensors. Thanks to the sensor, we got rid of piercing children’s fingers 8-10 times a day. We don’t drill at night either. We want SSI to match these sensors and that all children have this comfort. We don’t want our children to suffer. Every time a finger is pierced, mothers’ hearts are pierced too,” he said.

Emphasizing that children will no longer have to pierce their fingers, Samsun Provincial Health Director Dr. Instructor Its member Muhammet Ali Oruç said: “As part of the Let Your Fingers Breathe project, which we started under the leadership of Governor Samsun, we installed sensors for children with type 1 diabetes. Sugar regulation is very important in type 1 diabetes. By measuring their sugar levels every day, they ensure that they continue their normal lives. They had to measure their blood sugar levels by sticking needles into their fingers, sometimes 15 times a day.

The kids that we wear sensors with today will now be able to measure their blood sugar with sensors without pricking their fingers. Thus, our children’s fingers will not hurt, and we will be able to organize their treatment for diabetes. We will also prevent complications that may arise. I would like to thank all our citizens, especially the governorate, who have been involved in charity, and wish our children a speedy recovery.”

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