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Often when we are stuck between daily activities What to do for a better life? Perhaps we are asking ourselves this question. We all have the right to be happy and peaceful in our lives. However, the stress caused by problems we face at work or school can interfere with this. We need to get rid of stress for a better life. Actually, it’s a more precise concept that we should direct the emphasis. For a quality life mindful living program You can deal with stress in your life with help To the extent that we channel stress into our lives, we can see clearly what we need to do to live a better life. This program is actually kind of short tips for a positive life This is a program that provides a relaxing, cleansing detox and meditation. You will also find that you can do better for yourself with the program.

Things you should do for a more positive and better life

Trying to stay away from stress is now no longer possible. Already, research shows that channeling stress in a positive direction makes life easier than staying away from it. Everyone has different priorities, different dreams, and different reasons for being happy. Despite this, every person What to do for a better life? The answer to the question is the same. In short, what you need to do for a better and more positive life seems to be. By taking these similar steps, you will actually start a better quality of life. Also more short tips for a positive life You can start applying the next 11 steps we have given below.

Have a healthy and fresh mind

Every problem we face in life, especially when it remains unresolved, takes its toll on our body in the form of pressure and stress. Even if stress has a positive effect, intense stress damages our health and mind over time. This is why we may be drawn to a more tired mind and a more unhealthy life. Good What to do for a better life? Or let’s ask what can we do for a healthier and fresher mind? Meditation is the first thing that comes to mind for a fresh and calm mind. In addition, it is important to work with a natural detox program to be healthy and nourish our brain.

Don’t neglect the current mainstream

Even if we save time with the development of modern technologies, we do not realize how to use them. We must accept the fact that we are more concerned about the future. After what to do for a better life we’ll find out. Because for a better quality of life, we must focus on the present. In order to change and choose what we have, we must focus on the present moment. Focusing on the present will help reduce anxiety about the future. In addition, it clears our mind so that we can make better plans for the future. Besides, we cannot change what happened in our past. Therefore, we must learn to leave our past behind. This allows us to live a better life. In addition, learning to live in the present moment is the most basic advice for a positive life.

Do sport

Exercise keeps our body alert and is a good way to relieve mental fatigue, even for a short time. Regular exercise helps us stay healthy and fit. In addition, it relieves mental fatigue by reducing stress levels. shorter exercise what to do for a better life This is the most efficient answer to the question.

Pay attention to your sleep pattern

What to do for a better life Perhaps the first answer to the question should be regular sleep. No matter how busy your job is, you need to have a consistent sleep pattern. Regular sleep is essential to maintain our internal balance. In this way, we can sleep quality sleep and, as a result, live a quality life.

Change your eating habit to a positive one

It is very important to pay attention to our nutrition for a quality life. Short tips for a positive life Changing our eating habits has a positive effect on our quality of life.

Never stop smiling

Serotonin, known as the happiness hormone in the human body, is produced directly when we smile. Happiness gives people self-confidence and peace. because short tips for a positive life This is the simplest smile that can be applied.

Read books to gain knowledge and accumulation

Reading books not only introduces us to other worlds. It also allows us to come face to face with ourselves. She becomes a knowledgeable and inspiring guide for us on our inner journey. Therefore, it is necessary for a better life.

Find new hobbies

Routine and monotonous lifestyle also negatively affects our quality of life. because short tips for a positive life It’s good to have a new hobby. In addition, through these new hobbies, we can develop our curiosity and increase our energy.

Get in touch with nature

Nature short tips for a positive life It provides very effective relief. Communication with nature gives peace of mind. Peace is the most important feeling for a better life.


Travel relieves mental fatigue and stress. because What to do for a better life? It will not be a mistake to advise you to go to the question.

Stop comparing yourself to others right now

What to do for a better life? The most definitive answer to the question should be that you don’t compare yourself to other people as early as possible. Everyone lives their own time. For this reason, your negative burden on yourself directly affects the quality of your life.

Slow down on the road, in the store, in traffic, at the office… Slow down time when you think, walk, breathe, work… Instead of going back to the forest for a peaceful life, slow down for a quiet life in the city… Be proud of slowing down!

In the 21st century, all kinds of living spaces have accelerated, especially in cities. With the increase in shopping malls, public transportation vehicles, restaurants designed for us to eat quickly, technology that has become an integral part of our lives, the reduction of parks and green spaces, traffic and consumer habits, the belief that “the fastest wins ” has become an integral part of our lives.

I’m for slowdown. Because it has become an indisputable fact that all this chaotic life around us has lowered the level of our consciousness. Maybe we have a great life, a great job, friends and family who love us, but we can’t enjoy the wonders we’re in because we’re constantly on the run, thinking about what we need to do, where we need to catch up. missed, and because we can’t get away from our phone. Dulling some of our existing skills with life accelerating; we become lonely, exhausted, distant from nature, limited in communication personalities. However, all we need to remember is SLOWLY.

By slowing down, we can notice people passing by on the road, enjoy the music we listen to, focus on how we really feel that day, and live more enjoying the food we eat and the person we are talking to. , and from classes. we do. So what is LIVING Awareness?

To live consciously means to keep the mind in the moment, which often goes into the past or the future. It is the ability to accept all experiences about ourselves and our environment in the present moment without trying to change them. Repeating every day depending on automatism means realizing that we are in the flow in every moment of life, and not in life.

So how can we slow down when life makes us speed up? There is no formula that works for everyone. The good news is that slowing down and being mindful is an essential skill that all people have. So all we have to do is remember… Our main goal is to experience what we are dealing with at the moment, giving ourselves completely. We are free to explore the pace that makes us happy and content with our experience.

So what do we slow people do to slow them down?

We call upon our mind. The intense flow of thoughts is inherent in the nature of the mind. We invite our mind, which is subject to time travel or stressful thoughts, into the moment we are in. We are fully present in the moment in which we live.

We accept that we may not be satisfied with the experience of the moment, but we know that it is just a matter of our expectations. We like to be in the natural flow of life, accepting reality as it is without trying to change it.

We walk slowly: Even though everyone is running around, we walk slowly. We walk slowly, watching the road we walk, the sky, the pouring rain, the sun on our faces, the music coming from the headphones, our feet touching the ground, and the passers-by.

We eat slowly: we eat by noticing what kind of food we are actually eating, the flavors, whether we like those flavors, the path of this dish to us, and the path of vegetables from the farmer working in the field to the cook. .

We listen to ourselves: whenever we have time, we digress from technology and our responsibilities for a minute. We just listen to ourselves without caring about anything. “How do I really feel today?” We do not forget the meaning of the question.

We meet with nature: We meet with nature to feel green, blue water and pure oxygen. We let nature remind us again that we are truly alive.

We do not multiply in the same moment: despite our endless spies and busyness, we only focus on what we are doing in the moment. We constantly remind ourselves that we are not a robot but a human.

We breathe: From time to time during the day, we focus on our breathing. We focus on our breathing, which comes to our aid in stressful moments, and understand that we are back in the flow. We do not forget about our breath, which sustains us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when we sleep.

We are grateful: We are grateful for all of our experiences, from the smallest thing we encounter during the day to the biggest thing, from the water we drink to the smile of a child.

We know and do not forget that slowing down and living in the present is the most beautiful state of humanity.

Guliz Altynbasak


Conscious Living Program Coordinator, The LifeCo

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