“State Medal” to the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Şentop – News Details

ANKARA (IGFA) – Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) Mustafa Sentop was awarded the State Order by the Chairman of the National Council of Turkmenistan Kurbankul Berdimuhamedov, the former President of Turkmenistan.

The medal, presented for the first time to the Speaker of the Parliament, was awarded for his contribution to the development of economic and cultural relations of Turkmenistan with other states and international organizations.

Shentop thanked Kurbankula Berdimuhamedov and President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the award, saying: “I accept this medal as a concrete manifestation of the strengthening of relations between Turkey and Turkmenistan. As a thank you for this service, I will work even harder for the further development of relations between Turkey and Turkmenistan and for the eternal continuation of brotherhood.”

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