Statement on inflation from Minister Nabati!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Minister Nebati used the following statements in a post on his Twitter account:

Consumer inflation, which stood at 1.18% m/m in December, and annual CPI inflation fell 20.12 points to 64.27%. We have entered a significant downward trend in inflation since November and we are closing 2022 a point below our Medium Term Program target. In the same period, we see the Domestic Producer Price Index (D-PPI) also realized as -0.24 percent m/m and the annualized D-PPI declined 38.30 points to 97.72 percent. With our Turkish Economy Model (TEM), which prioritizes investment, employment, manufacturing and exports, we have successfully put 2022 behind us, which has witnessed challenging conditions around the world. We have protected the purchasing power of our citizens with the measures we have taken to raise prices and raise wages. In the coming months, all of our citizens will feel more clearly the cumulative effect of the policies we have implemented against inflation under TEM.

As we prepare our country for the Turkish Century under the leadership of our esteemed President, we will continue to pursue policies that will not lead to unemployment and population decline in our relentless fight against inflation.

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