Statement on premium difference from Minister Bilgin

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – The Chairman of the Board of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Gürsel Baran visited the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin, as well as 4/A and 4/B, which are under the auspices of the Social Security Institute (SGK), in other words, pensions between the residents of SSK and Bagh- Kura. He pointed out that there are differences in the number of days for paying insurance premiums for

ATU President Gürsel Baran visited ATU Vice President Temel Aktay, Board Member Ahmet Akça and Assembly Member Kenan Bayram, as well as Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin in his office. ATO President Baran, who provided information on the issues and problems on the agenda of the business world during the visit, conveyed to Minister Bilgin his request to reduce the number of 9 thousand days of payment of insurance premiums required for the retirement of Bagh-Kur residents, including 160 thousand members of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Baran said Bağ-Kur members often ask for a reduction in the number of days of pension contributions.


Minister Bilgin, who responded positively to ATO President Baran’s request, said they were working on the issue. In this context, Minister Bilgin stated that not all 4/B FGC employers could be judged in the same way, and that the criterion could be based on the number of employees.

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