Support the Central Bank’s fight against inflation

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – In a statement on his Twitter account, Minister Simsek said: “We have made significant improvements in 2023 that will affect our 15.9 million retirees and 4.9 million civil servants. We have increased wealth through monthly wage increases well above the rate of inflation. Compared to the end of 2022, we increased the minimum wage of civil servants by 141.8%, and the minimum pension by 114.3%. In the coming period, we will not allow a permanent deterioration in public finance indicators by controlling the budget deficit and restoring fiscal discipline. We are taking the necessary measures for this. We will support the Central Bank’s fight against inflation by strengthening the harmony between monetary and fiscal policies. We will also reduce our country’s risk premium by taking steps to reduce the current account deficit,” he said.


Şimşek also stated that the citizens affected by the earthquake have healed their wounds and said: “This year, we expect earthquake-related expenses to reach TL 761.7 billion (3.1 percent of national income). Within this framework, the construction of 179,000 houses in the earthquake zone has begun. In about a year, we plan to hand over 319,000 houses to those affected by the earthquake. The national solidarity package, which is being discussed in parliament, aims to slightly reduce the impact of additional costs caused by the earthquake on the budget. These rules will also indirectly support current account deficit control.

Minister Shimshek: We will support the Central Bank's fight against inflation
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