Tap water warning in earthquake area!

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Health Minister Koca warned about tap water in the earthquake area and used the following statements: “Unless the governor or county governor declares that tap water is safe to drink, packaged water should be preferred for drinking and brushing teeth.”

Fahrettin Koca had previously made statements about the danger of cholera in the area of ​​the earthquake and declared that there was no contagious epidemic. Echoing his statements, Koca said: “(In the earthquake zone) no outbreaks of infectious diseases have been detected to date.”

Health Minister Koji’s statements are as follows:

At the first moment of the disaster, our first task was to get our medical centers operational. Our healthcare system was able to cover every victim. Since the 3rd day of the natural disaster, we have taken measures for any epidemic risk and continue to take them. Doctors and medicines are sent to our villages. Our primary health care system is family medicine.

The most risky thing known after such cataclysms is the deterioration of hygiene and the risk of an epidemic. We regularly chlorinate the water. In the first days of the earthquake, we started the work of our mobile laboratories in the earthquake zone. We chlorinated the water. Water supply is provided outside the Antakya and Defne districts of our Hatay province. Where it cannot be supplied, water is supplied to tankers. Systematically performs chlorination in municipalities.

Water quality may not be suitable due to a natural disaster. For drinking and brushing your teeth, packaged water should be preferred until the governor or county governor declares that “the tap water is potable.” At the tent docks, drinking water is distributed in packages, and tanker water is also chlorinated.


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