TESK President Palandoken: “The path to the resignation of merchants must be cleared”

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Palandöken, in a written statement, argued that the absence of merchants and artisans in the EYT regulation, which was discussed and adopted at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is a serious shortcoming.

Emphasizing that merchants and artisans should be included in the rules regarding EYT, Palandoken said:

“In order to regulate the pension conditions of merchants and artisans, it is necessary to equalize the number of bonus days and ensure the unity of norms. This is contrary to the constitutional principle of equality, according to which SSK members retire after 7,200 days and merchants after 9,000 days. This situation causes great dissatisfaction among our merchants. The most important feature of the normounion is that members of the Pension Fund, SSK and Bag-Kur have equal rights. These rights must be granted to all segments without loss of time.”

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