The American crypto company decided to close!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – While US regulators continue their repressive stance towards the cryptocurrency sector cryptocurrency storage and payment services Unbankend, which ceased its activities for this reason, latest cryptocurrency company it happened. Unbanked, in a post posted on the official blog on May 26, anti-cryptographic policy thanks to its activities decision to terminate announced that he

Making a decision cost-effectiveness of a tough regulatory environment to keep the company going. main obstacle have most efficient implied cause.

Founding partners of the company Jan Kane AND Daniel Gouldmanmade the following statements in this regard:

During the years of the company’s founding, we considered it reasonable to start our activities in the USA. While other companies are growing rapidly in their offshore regions, we believed that interacting with regulators and adhering to their strict procedures would eventually bring Unbanked to the fore. Unfortunately, we have learned that this is not the case. This path was time consuming and costly.

founding partners, regulatory issues AND excess costs your main goal banks AND fintech entry into the cryptocurrency industry try to prevent claimed it was.

In this case 5 million dollar investment what do you expect but still did not happen indication Kane AND gouldman, this situation too complexity of regulation With related to He said they thought so. On the other hand, this fund delivery their activities in case residence from the ground that they can go on was among the company’s statements.

The price of the token has fallen

The company is always client assets AND operational customers, ensuring that they keep reserves separate. withdraw your funds as soon as possible invited. From the date of publication of the reviews 30 days along open Despite this, the company said it would keep As soon as possible advised on their completion.

He invested in his native token after the company offered him a withdrawal investors who if one a lot of saddened. Local token after announced decision to close UNBNK suffered a huge decline.

According to Coinecko, after the announcement of the decision UBNK 0.00187 at dollar level 0.000272 falls rapidly to the level of the dollar close to 90% lost value. UNBK, at the time of writing From $0.000197 traded.

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