The big pre-holiday trap in used car sales!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Due to the complexity of production during the pandemic, the increase in car prices continues. When the energy crisis and world inflation are added to this, price spikes are inevitable as the cost of production is constantly rising.

According to Alican Yildirim of the Vatan newspaper, car prices are expected to rise in the near future. On the other hand, the sharp increase in the price of new cars encourages citizens to buy used and badly damaged cars.

This situation brings with it many difficulties. Hayrettin Ertemel, president of the Istanbul Auto Dealers Association (IMAS), who warned citizens who will buy a car, spoke about the details that must be taken into account so that citizens do not become victims.

Making a statement about why car prices have risen, Ertemel said: “Car prices continue to rise worldwide due to production difficulties that started with the pandemic and continue to this day.

Add to this picture the energy crisis and inflation seen around the world, rising prices are inevitable as production costs are constantly rising. As long as supply problems persist, especially for new cars, prices will continue to rise.” used phrases.

Saying that car prices have risen 40 percent since the start of the year, Ertemel“As before every holiday, our market is active in anticipation of the approaching Ramadan holiday. However, this time the reason for the high demand is not only the density of recreation. As a result of the general opinion that prices will rise after the upcoming general elections, the demand for the car is quite high. As a result of high demand, this leads to higher prices. Since the beginning of the year, we have seen a 40 percent increase in prices.” He said.

Ertemel, who issued a statement about the details that those who want to buy a used car should pay attention to, said: “For our citizens who want to buy a car, it is very important to shop from our fellow used car dealers who have a license.Thus, they will have the opportunity to be pre-tested with a certified TSE assessment before the sale, and after the sale they will have a car with a used, mechanical and electronic guarantee for 3 months 5 thousand km. Another important recommendation is to have the vehicle checked by TSE-certified centers of expertise upon purchase. Although the rules to which we are subject require an assessment, from time to time our customers prefer to buy a car without an assessment. In order to avoid problems after the sale, we strongly recommend buying from an authorized car dealer and TSE certified expert control.. ” said.

By pointing out that the car is not an investment vehicle, Ertemel issued important warnings to those who buy a car for 10-15 years. postponement, “A car is not an investment tool, it is one of the basic needs. Anyone who wants to own a car naturally prefers undamaged and new cars that meet their needs. However, the data we have shows that 85 percent of sales come from vehicles that are five years old or older. Nearly 60 percent of this segment is made up of vehicles aged 10 years or older. From this we understand that the main guideline that determines the purchases of our citizens is not the need, but only their budget. Of course, this situation is also influenced by the fact that the car is considered as an investment instrument. Our advice in this regard; it is as much as possible within the budget to prefer new cars that primarily fit the purpose of use. “ used phrases.

Ertemel, who issued a very important warning for citizens to turn to heavily damaged cars that are a little more suitable due to the fact that the prices of new and used cars have plummeted, “We recommend that our citizens who wish to purchase heavily damaged cars undergo a thorough examination of these cars. We believe that with some regulations to be adopted in this regard, vehicles will become safer. The current procedures do not check vital steps such as the quality of spare parts and the craftsmanship used in the process of repairing vehicles, which can cause serious road safety problems.” said.

Continuing his warnings, Ertemel said:

“Due to the earthquake that we experienced, some of the vehicles that fell under the rubble in the coming period will be repaired and returned to traffic. From this perspective, the number of badly damaged vehicles will be on the market more than ever before. For these reasons, we believe that an important issue lies ahead in the coming period.”

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