The cost of obtaining a driver’s license in the new year will exceed 10 thousand Turkish lira

SAFAKNA TURKEY- In the new year, the fees for driving courses will be increased due to the increase in exam and tuition fees. Driver candidates who want to get a driver’s license in 2023 will have to pay 10,000 Turkish lira.

In 2022, the written exam fee of 130 lira is paid, and after passing the written exam, the driving exam fee of 160 lira is paid and training begins. The cost of the course is 7 thousand 60 lire. In 2023, the category B driving license fee will increase from 1,116 liras 90 cents to 2,489 liras 77 cents.

Accordingly, the cost of a class B driver’s license will exceed 10,000 Turkish liras.

In the new year, the Class A license fee required to drive a motorcycle will increase from 370 Lira to 825 Lira 87 cents.

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