The cost of the earthquake is $101.5 billion.

SHAFAQNA TÜRKİYE- “Study on the Impact of the February 6 Kahramanmaras Earthquake on the Turkish Economy and Financial Advisers” prepared by the Turkish Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants and Chartered Accountants (TÜRMOB) has been published. The report produced as part of the study estimated that the direct losses from the earthquake, which affected 11 provinces, would be $94 billion, while the expected loss in GDP would be $7.5 billion.

need 98 billion dollars

It was stated that the amount of premiums collected from earthquake and disaster insurance, as well as donations made by the private sector and individuals, reached approximately $3.5 billion. TÜRMOB President Emre Kartaloglu drew attention to the cost of the disaster.

Kartaloglu said: “About $98 billion in funding has been needed to cover the costs incurred due to the earthquake. The decisions that need to be made about how to meet the financing needs of these direct costs and the policies developed will determine many factors, from how long the indirect effects-costs of an earthquake will spread to how much they will rise and even how they will affect which segments of society.

Highlighting that about 4 percent of financial advisers in the region have relocated or are planning to relocate, Kartaloglu said: “Developing policies that allow financial advisers in the region to actively participate in the process of acquiring housing and jobs for both residences and jobs will help them restore their standard of living to its previous state and even ensure that their children can continue their education without interruption.

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