The date is on the used car market!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Due to the earthquake in recent months, the used car market has ground to a halt. Although there has been no increase in used cars in recent days with rising prices, there has been no expected activity in the market. It is said that there is little time left before the elections, and the lack of cars in the market is negatively affecting the used car market. While some galleries from Eskisehir were looking forward to the festive heat, as they had in previous years, some galleries said they were not expecting festivities due to this year’s election period.


Mutlu Saigin, who has been a gallery owner in Eskisehir for 15 years, said the market is moving a bit slowly at the moment. Stressing that he expects the market to accelerate in 10-15 days due to the upcoming holidays, Saigin said: “The biggest reason for the lack of mobility is, of course, prices. When the dollar and euro are high, this situation is reflected in the car. The month of Ramadan is approaching. People who will buy a car this month do not really want to go out of town. They want to buy a car in their city. People also want to go on vacation and travel during the holidays. Thanks to them, we expect the move within 15 days. Cars in the price range from 250 thousand Turkish Lira to 400 thousand Turkish Lira are sold very quickly. The decrease in the purchasing power of people leads citizens to vehicles worth 250 thousand Turkish liras.



Ugur Kaplan, a gallery owner with 40 years of experience, said that situations such as earthquakes and inflation are the main reasons for the stagnation of the market. Noting that the election has created uncertainty, Kaplan said: “At the moment, the used car sales market is very stagnant. There used to be a lot of activity during the holidays. There may be some movement after the elections. We do not expect any action before the election as there is uncertainty at the moment. At the moment, there is demand only for cars worth 200,000 Turkish liras. However, finding a good car at such prices is very difficult.

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