The European Association of Zonguldak extends a helping hand to the victims of the earthquake – News Detail


GERMANY (IGFA) – Turkish Consulate General in Münster Ahmet Faik Dawaz, Turkish Consulate General in Düsseldorf Ayşegül Gökcen Karaaslan, Turkish Vice Consulate in Essen among the guests. .
Before the beginning of the opening speech, the evenings honored the memory of those who died as a result of the earthquake on February 6 with a minute of silence.

The iftar dinner program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran after the national anthems of both countries were played. The opening speech was delivered by Mehmet Karakulak, President of the European Association of Zonguldak Residents.

Karakulak continued his speech with the words: “First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took part in such a wonderful event today, and each of you was welcome and brought joy.”
“As you know, we have experienced the catastrophe of the century in our country. On the day of the earthquake, we, as leaders of the association, organized a crisis table. Turning to the ZONDEF Zonguldak Association Federation, we, as an association, as citizens, together did everything we could. We sent 44 trucks to the earthquake zones. All the items we have collected have become brand new items. Thousands of power generators, children’s clothing, food, clothes, sleeping bags, etc. We delivered exactly 44 trucks to the earthquake zone,” he said.

Mehmet Karakulak said: “We are building prefabricated houses in the mining area of ​​Malatya together with the Federation of Associations ZONDEF Zonguldak. Production has begun and will hopefully be completed soon. We started in Khatai and are building prefabricated houses there as a mining quarter. As the European Association of Zonguldak, we are trying to do our best as expatriates living in Europe and Germany and we will continue to do so. This country is ours, and this people is our people. We live abroad, but our hearts go out to the earthquake victims in our homeland. God help us and get half. God forbid that such disasters do not happen again,” he said.

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