The fly made his face unrecognizable!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Murat Terziyi, who went to Antalya to work as a driver for a travel company, was bitten by an African fly 7 months ago. A month after the fly bite, the tailor developed symptoms such as weakness, difficulty walking, and urinary incontinence. Murat Terziye, who had wounds in various areas of the skin, was unable to make a diagnosis despite the tests.

Terzi, who applied to the Medical Faculty of Istanbul after 2 months, was hospitalized and treated for 2 months. Although the wounds on the body of the tailor, who was diagnosed with leishmaniasis, have healed, scars remain on his face and hands.

Speaking about the fact that he went to Antalya to work, Murat Terzi said: “In Antalya, I was bitten by an African mosquito. This started happening after a month. There were symptoms such as fatigue, inability to walk, and urinary incontinence. I went to hospitals mainly because of the wounds on my face. I spent 2 months in the infectious diseases department of the Istanbul Medical Faculty. Here he was diagnosed with leishmaniasis. I couldn’t hold a spoon in my mouth and eat. I couldn’t change. I was treated for 2 months. I still have a 1 year report. I will be treated for 1 year. It is not a contagious disease, but it causes a very severe infection in the body. The scars on my face started to appear after 1 month. We parted well, I had a lot of damage on the left side, ”he said.

Declaring that he was unable to work due to illness, Terzi said: “Health is fine, but my working life has come to an end. Because I don’t have the strength. I’m going to check my immune system, it has reached the desired level, but I don’t have the strength. “My body cannot produce energy,” he said.

Zonguldak University Hospital Bulent Ecevit, head of the department of skin and venereal diseases, prof. Dr. Rafet Koca stated that the leishmaniasis parasite is carried by flies and wounds can occur anywhere a fly infects the parasite. This parasite does not appear out of nowhere, we often see this parasite in wetlands, septic tanks and wetlands. It is transmitted from dogs to mosquitoes and to you through their bites. This flying dog will first bite and then infect your bare patches at night while you sleep. The disease does not occur immediately, it can last from 2 to 8 months. A small pimple appears at the site of the bite, which grows to the size of a chickpea. It ulcerates after 6 months. The absence of pain causes itching in the patient. Therefore, the patient is of little concern. Then it heals within 1 year, leaving a collapsed scar in its place. Because of this 1 year, this disease is called annual furuncle, oriental furuncle, Aleppo furuncle. This is a very common disease in the southeast, in Antalya, Mersin, Adana and Antakya in our country, but it does not cause a life-threatening problem. It leaves a scar while it heals,” he said.

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