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SAFAKNA TURKEY – “Don’t have breakfast!” I am against those. Speaking more clearly, it is unscientific, it is a wrong sentence to talk about the Turkish breakfast, which is the richest dish of our Anatolian cuisine! Think about it… Menemeni, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, different types of cheese, honey, cream, olives, different types of warm bread, lots of fresh vegetables. Why should these natural foods have a negative effect on our health, right? Why don’t we have breakfast? This is the main problem; Will we be healthier if we don’t eat breakfast? Of course, there is no such scientific study. Of course, you won’t find any scientific evidence that says, “Don’t have Turkish breakfast.” Because our breakfast has never looked like breakfast in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Since its content is as nutritious as the main meal, its products are natural, and it is rich in vitamins and minerals… Health Shop…


Our bodies all night long It aims to spend a lot of energy on growth and hormone production in childhood and adolescence, and on the repair and regeneration of all our cells in adulthood. For this reason, when we eat breakfast, we provide the caloric support that the body needs after a long night of fasting. In addition, throughout the night, our body provides energy stored carbohydrates, so when you start the day with breakfast, it supports the replenishment of empty carbohydrate stores. Thus, we make sure that the balance of sugar in the blood is maintained throughout the day. Breakfast; I can say that this is the most important meal of the day when it is balanced in calories and nutrients.


Unfortunately, this question is an inaccurate argument put forward by medical professionals who like to propagate speculation far from scientific information to create perception. Because we, as a society, have not been accustomed to the habit of eating porridge for centuries. So the cereal companies cannot break the composition of our Turkish breakfast. Breakfast is not a production orientation, it is a conscious activity of eating, carried out from the point of view of the physiological needs of the body. Breakfast is a meal that has benefits in terms of consolidating learning in children, storing the energy needed for memory, and ensuring focus. Especially the Turkish breakfast; A meal with an incredibly balanced nutrient profile in terms of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. There is no alternative in the world that we can compare in terms of health. A breakfast that increases satiety and starts the day with eggs, cheese, olives, bread, tomatoes, and cucumbers together helps reduce daily calorie intake. It has been shown in scientific studies to help improve nutrition due to its protein and fiber content, may reduce the risk of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity between meals, and protect against obesity.


The number of meals is obviously not the standard dietary rule in the world. It is necessary to think of breakfast as a magical energy food that we can do to not be burdened by food, to ensure that we get enough intake from the variety of nutrients and food groups to eat throughout the day. You can also lose weight if you start the day with breakfast and distribute those same calories to other meals. However, given that weight loss occurs through calorie reduction, trying to lose weight by developing eating behaviors with the same number of meals provides more effective satiety, instead of having difficulty controlling food intake by reducing the number of meals. This leads to weight loss and helps keep you motivated, which is a strong support in reaching your target weight. On the other hand, for many obese or healthy people who do not eat breakfast, it is not easy to suppress hunger during meals. When many people do not eat breakfast, they become lethargic, tend to fall asleep, become lethargic, lose energy, and most importantly, have difficulty controlling their calorie intake, loading up at lunch and dinner. More importantly, starting the day with breakfast also provides health benefits to help you lose weight. A lot of research has been done; This shows that eating breakfast regulates inflammatory markers that disrupt the body’s ability to repair and cause disease, lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar, lowers the need for insulin, and makes you feel full longer.


Breakfast is known to be important for metabolic health. If you start the day with a good and balanced breakfast, three meals a day will be enough for the health of the stomach, brain and intestines. Breakfast should be in a period of time that can be done before 10:00 after waking up. I can say that a meal at lunch or a snack and a late dinner would be the ideal meal plan that we need in terms of optimal body biology. I mean a good and balanced breakfast; It is a food high in protein and dietary fiber and moderate in carbohydrates. I can say that it is better for our overall health not to skip breakfast, but more importantly, to stop eating foods high in fat and carbohydrates late in the evening.


With an early breakfast and an early dinner, consisting of natural products of high quality and nutritional value, the body enters the weight loss mode more easily. If you want to regularly and every week lose at least one and a half to two kilograms, then an early breakfast and an early dinner will allow you to burn fat faster.


Food for breakfast should also have content, quantity. Random breakfast does not protect our health. For example, a breakfast full of white bread, jam, sweet tea, fried dough, fried potatoes, cream, and pastries does not weaken us or benefit our bodies, reinforcing the idea of ​​”Start the day with breakfast.” The content of this breakfast cannot go beyond obesity, fatty liver, increased inflammation and disease. We must make healthy choices such as eggs, full fat cheese and milk, whole grain bread, honey, tahini molasses, olives, walnuts, lots of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, whole grain toast. I can say that such control, which has an energy value not exceeding 500 calories for women and 700 calories for men, will be beneficial to our overall health.


There are studies showing that eating a lot of fat and a lot of sugar for breakfast can speed up the development of atherosclerosis. When our body is awake, it speeds up glycogen storage, cholesterol synthesis, and bile acid production in the liver earlier in the day. The pancreas produces insulin, stores fat and produces adinolectins, and increases the synthesis of fatty acids in the muscles. Regular consumption of foods high in fat and sugar for breakfast contributes to the accumulation of cholesterol in the vessels and the storage of carbohydrates in the organs as fat stores.


The report of the American Heart Association Scientific Committee, which updated the report published in 2017, emphasizes that the following important findings should be highlighted in line with current scientific evidence, especially regarding breakfast.

Lack of regular breakfast leads to worsening of LDL and HDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

This increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 20-30 percent.

This can cause problems with blood pressure control.

By interfering with glucose metabolism, it can increase HbA1C and fasting blood sugar, causing hyperglycemia during the day.

This increases the development of diabetes by 20 percent.

This causes weight gain.

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