The meme token first dropped by 98% in minutes, then surged up!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – with a meme token CLIFFTSI last night at hours minutes in 98% reduction he seemed to live. This decline, which occurred in a short time, sparked speculation on social media and came to mind. mat brought opportunity. Many users of the project for fraudulent purposes claimed to have been produced. However, as a result of the study, it became clear that the initial event was not quite like that.

After the failure, the project development team November 22There was a post on Twitter. In detected sharing, the current project will be terminated and “Red Token” In connection with the transition to a new cryptocurrency called provide liquidity with the aim of that all the CLIPS will be sold The developers have announced this.

After all these events, the project team 21 December who did not see the ad and made a loss by making a new post on compensate users with the aim of additional 10 days recognizing the process January 1stand shared the form. Users who meet the criteria in the form will receive a token for the newly issued token. airdropHe will qualify.

on the other hand CLIFFwith the latest announcement up to 140% there was an increase in prices big drop 98% did not compensate. At the time of writing the meme token news $0.00000004402traded with.

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