The Ministry of Health canceled the quota limit for practicing doctors

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Regulation on Amending the Regulation on Private Hospitals prepared by the Ministry of Health and the Regulation on Amending the Regulation on Private Medical Institutions with Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment came into force after being published in today’s Official Gazette.

According to the amendments to the regulation, practicing doctors will be able to treat their patients who come to their practice in private hospitals and medical centers licensed in the relevant industry, provided that the service fee is covered by the patient. and is not requested from the Social Security Institution.

Private hospitals and medical centers will be able to conclude contracts with doctors, not exceeding one third of the staff of each branch.


According to information received from the ministry, restrictions on the use of private hospitals by doctors already in practice and persons over 60 who wish to open a practice have been largely lifted.

The obligation to enter into contracts with hospitals where medical practitioners will treat their patients will continue. These doctors will be able to contract with more than one private hospital, but no more than one-third of their staff. In addition, they will be able to contract with the desired hospital, not limited to staff.

To ensure patient safety and auditability, patient records will be stored in the Study Information Management System (MBYS) and shared with hospitals through information systems.


As part of the rule change, in cases where the prescribed intervention could not be performed on a patient coming from practice to the hospital where the contract was signed, the provincial health department gave special permission on a case-by-case basis. perform this procedure at another hospital as directed by the doctor.

In accordance with the agreements reached, the quota, according to which “at the level of 15% of private hospitals, third-party doctors can be admitted”, which was put on the agenda with a change in the situation on October 6, was removed.


Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca shared on his social media account last week: “We mutually discussed the requirements of the doctors of the clinic in the meetings we held. We have identified the needs of the population. We have prepared our new work that will strike a balance. We will announce before January 7th. The contribution of our medical practitioners to healthcare will continue.” used words.

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