The Ministry of Trade will take measures on prices for clinker and cement

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The ministry said in a statement that the ministry is closely following the developments in the construction sector, which is important in the economy and directly or indirectly affects many sectors and the well-being of citizens. .

“We are watching closely”

The statement stated that the exports of clinker and cement, which are widely used in the construction sector, are carefully controlled to meet domestic demand, and indicated that these products were included in “Registered Goods”. Export List” dated September 4, 2021, to ensure that the necessary measures are taken in a timely manner. In a statement; “Due to intensive notifications from our ministry that there has recently been a problem with the domestic supply of the products in question, and the increase in domestic sales prices for the products mentioned by our ministry, especially in the last 1-2 years, observed by our ministry. months, measures that may be required to prevent price increases for these products and to facilitate domestic supplies will be taken by our Ministry will be taken without delay.

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