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One of the biggest misconceptions pregnant women fall into is that they think exercise and physical activity are more likely to harm the baby or themselves. Contrary to this stereotype, some light exercises that can be done during pregnancy are completely safe. It is very important to move, do exercises that activate blood circulation and keep the body active during each menstruation. In fact, running and lifting weights that won’t force you into early pregnancy is quite helpful, but as your baby begins to grow, you should replace these exercises with activities that you feel comfortable with.

If you apply a combination of 2 types of exercises for pregnant women during pregnancy, you will feel better both during and after childbirth:

– Aerobic exercises that increase your heart rate and are great for your lungs.

– Strength training exercises to strengthen the muscles, aimed at strength, flexibility and healthy posture.

You need to exercise regularly, at least three times a week, to feel the benefits, but it can be difficult to maintain this consistency, especially in the first trimester (weeks 1 to 13) when there is a lot of fatigue and energy levels are quite low. A brisk 30 minute walk is also pretty good exercise if you feel like you can’t do any of the effortful exercises.

There are also activities that you should avoid during pregnancy due to the risk of bumping, falling, or slipping. To start the process of exercise during pregnancy, you will need to take a break if you are already involved in sports such as tennis, gymnastics, skating, horseback riding and skiing.

Walk – Walking exercises that can be easily adapted to your lifestyle and even divided into several parts throughout the day are very useful. 30 minutes a day is a great time, try at least 5 times a week if possible. You can increase your traffic by methods such as getting off the bus or vehicle before you reach the stop, parking at remote points.

Swimming – One of the most suitable exercises and sports for pregnant women is swimming. Swimming and water exercises, when you simultaneously move your whole body and meet the relaxing energy of water, are the most remote form of exercise without the risk of harming yourself and your child.

Yoga – It helps you maintain your muscle ratio and flexibility during pregnancy and improves your posture. You can learn to relax and breathe properly by gently working all the muscles without straining yourself too much.

Pilates – Pilates exercises strengthen the abdominal and pelvic muscles and are very powerful exercises for proper breathing and relaxation. Prenatal Pilates classes are quite common these days and are always a good option.

power training – Thorough and light weight training creates the basis for a strong musculoskeletal system and contributes to a dynamic pregnancy.

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