The number of bitcoins (BTC) has exceeded 1.6 million.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The data published by the network analytics platform Glassnode, Bitcoin that has been dormant for the past 5-7 years It turned out that the number of people reached a record level after a long time. Finally 2018 The number of BTC that broke through the level reached in a year and stopped 1.61 million pass (about $80 billion) sparked mixed speculation among analysts.

Some analysts, commenting on the situation, this is an increase in the number of bitcoins that have not been moved for a long time, supply shortage and accompanying bullish signal Although some market analysts interpret this new peak as This could create selling pressure on the price of bitcoin. proposed.

On the other hand, according to analysts, a significant part of the stagnating bitcoins lost or forgotten the ones in the wallets.

CoinGecko over the past week, according to 14.3% BTC, which showed an upward trend, at the time of writing the news. from $24,936 traded.

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