The only Turk at the Classic Fair in Palm Beach! – News details / USA (IGFA) – Cavallino Classic 2023 Palm Beach, a 4-day auto show featuring premium luxury classic cars and especially Ferraris.

The event featured over 150 classic luxury cars from around the world.

The cost of each of the private cars varies from 500 thousand to 50 million dollars.

More than 2,000 car enthusiasts, collectors, bosses and investors from over 100 countries visit this event every year.

Considered one of the most important automotive shows in the world, this event was held at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, one of the most beautiful and historic locations in the world.

Sevi Sarı, nicknamed “Turkish Barbie” and the founder of the first Turkish radio in the US, had the honor of being the only Turkish woman invited to the auto show.

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