The patient was disturbed by the sound of the respirator, and he turned off the device 2 times

Last Tuesday, a patient from Mannheim, Germany turned off the device twice because she was disturbed by the sound of another patient’s ventilator. A 79-year-old patient with a cardiac arrest was resuscitated by medical teams, a 72-year-old woman was arrested for attempted murder.

A joint statement from the Mannheim police and prosecutors said last Tuesday, a 79-year-old patient who was a roommate of a 72-year-old patient turned off the ventilator twice because her voice disturbed her, and the woman was arrested for attempted murder. It is clarified that the 72-year-old woman previously turned off the ventilator for another patient, and despite the warnings of doctors, the woman again turned off the ventilator.

It was stated that the patient, whose ventilator was turned off, was brought back to life thanks to the intervention of doctors, and the woman who turned off the device was taken into police custody. Emphasizing that the woman was detained on Tuesday evening, the police said: “The suspect appeared before the detention and investigation judge of the Mannheim district court on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. He was arrested,” he said.

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