The price of cheese exceeds the price of meat – Last Minute Turkey and world news

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Especially the rise in prices for milk and meat continues to burden the pockets of citizens. As milk prices have risen 175 percent in the past year, cheese, a breakfast staple, has become more expensive than meat for the first time in history.

While red meat is sold by butchers for 185 lire per kilo; The weight of white cheese is offered for sale from 200 to 240 lire. TUSEDAD President Senser Solakoglou suggested that meat prices could rise by 30-40 percent in the near future.

Official data also confirms that experts attribute the rise in prices to rising costs. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, prices for agricultural inputs have broken a new record.

According to TURKSTAT, while in September last year, prices for agricultural inputs increased by 2.9 percent monthly; Annual growth in resource prices exceeded 138 percent.

In September, fertilizers were the most expensive resource item that put pressure on producers. According to TUIK, the increase in fertilizer prices over the past 1 year has reached 226 percent as of September. The cost of energy exceeded 193, feed 145 percent, and the cost of drugs exceeded 110 percent.

Rising costs will continue to be reflected in the basic foodstuffs consumed by citizens in the form of a hike.

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