The price of onions increased the most in 2022

SAFAKNA TURKEY – While stating that the market saw price increases for all 42 products last year, Bayraktar noted that the product with the highest price increase was onion in the market and at the producer.

Bayraktar, prices for dried onion rose by 314.6 percent, lemon by 202.8 percent, granulated sugar by 164.5 percent, green onion by 163.7 percent, spinach by 163.1 percent, cabbage by 159.2 percent, pistachio by 147.1 percent, lettuce by 142.8%, orange by 141.7%, dried apricots by 138.3%, cauliflower by 130.8%, tangerine by 127% and rice by 125.8%.

Bayraktar noted that there was an increase in prices for all 32 products, followed by the manufacturer. “Compared to last year, this year the highest price increase was observed for dried onions – 603.3 percent. The rise in price of onions occurred for tangerines from 528.4%, lemons from 208.4%, oranges from 204.3%, dry beans from 202.3%, pistachios from 175.7%, salads from 162.8% and 153%, spinach with 0.8%, cabbage. with 151%, apples with 150%, cauliflower with 148.4%, tomatoes with 147.9% and rice with 137%. used his words.

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