The price of petrol is going up! – Last Minute Türkiye and world news

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and Brent oil also directly affect fuel prices. Gasoline is expected to rise by 2 Turkish lira on Tuesday after diesel rose by 1 lira and 55 cents yesterday.

  • The cost of gasoline in Istanbul: 34.05 lira.
  • Gasoline price in Ankara: 34.53 liras
  • Izmir gasoline price: 34.63 liras

Last week, the SCT amounts were reflected as an increase of 5 liras for petrol and diesel and 4 liras for liquefied petroleum gas. By decision; The SCT, which was 2.52 TL per liter of petrol, rose to 7.52 TL, while the SCT, which was 2.05 TL for diesel, increased to 7.05 TL.

Answering questions from reporters on the plane after his visit to the Persian Gulf, President Erdogan said: “Our Ministry of Finance and Finance has adopted a tax regulation on fuel oil. There was no inflation update for a very long time, especially since the SCT was fixed. For this reason, such an increase was made in SCT. In particular, we needed such an agreement within the framework of the large financial burden caused by the February 6 earthquakes, in this sense, within the framework of budgetary needs. Despite all this, Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in Europe in terms of fuel prices. Fuel already has an automatic pricing mechanism. It is determined in terms of world prices. This is a tax regulation adopted within the framework of Turkey’s needs related to the consequences of the earthquake and the fight against earthquakes caused by the increase in SCT.”

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