The result of intelligence about a mysterious disease has become known!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The latest assessment by intelligence units regarding the spread of the “Havana syndrome” among US diplomats has been released.

The mysterious illness surfaced in late 2016 when a group of US diplomats in Havana, Cuba began reporting symptoms of dizziness, intense and painful ringing in the ears, and headaches.

In subsequent years, cases were identified in other countries, including Colombia and Austria.

As the mysterious disease began to spread, allegations surfaced that foreign powers could be behind it, including Russia and China. A new intelligence report has been released that could put an end to these claims.

The report, which is the result of the work of seven intelligence agencies, says there is no connection between the mysterious cases of the disease, known as “Havana syndrome”, and foreign powers.

The said assessment indicated that it was decided that the illness was unlikely to be the result of an operation targeted by a US adversary.

It has also been stated that there is no conclusive evidence that an external enemy possesses a weapon or device capable of causing such mysterious diseases.

The latest report supports a report released by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on January 20, 2022. The CIA report concluded that the disease was not a global campaign by a hostile power targeting American diplomats and spies.

Some studies have suggested that discomfort may be caused by microwave radiation.

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