The rise in prices cannot be stopped!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Due to rising costs and problems in production, price increases cannot be stopped. The price of meat carcasses, which was 90 liras two months ago, has risen to 130 liras. Butchers said that red meat prices could rise in the near future.

Imported meat has come to the fore to stave off recent price increases. Industry officials said price increases could be prevented if quality meat was available. In a butcher’s shop in Bahçelievler, cubes of beef are sold for 200 liras, ground beef for 180 liras, beef entrecote for 250 liras and lamb chops for 350 liras.

“The meat that we bought two months ago for 90 lira now costs 130 lira”

Butcher Umit Chatmabajak stated that during the past year meat prices have risen regularly and said: “These spikes have started happening every week in the last period. Citizens react by thinking these surges are due to merchants. We buy meat 3 times a week, each meat comes at a different price. Meat, which we bought two months ago for 90 lire, now costs 130 lire. When bones are removed from meat that reaches this figure, the price increases by 30 percent. When we add our share of the profits, the weight of the meat rises to about 180-200 liras. Our customers who buy meat are reducing the amount of meat they buy in kilograms,” he said.

“If it goes on like this, prices will rise”

Claiming that monthly meat sales have declined, Chatmabachak said: “If we buy 2 tons of meat per month, then at the moment this amount has decreased to 1 ton. This decline is due to rising prices. Currently we sell beef in cubes for 200 lire, minced meat for 180 lire, veal entrecote for 250 lire and lamb chops for 350 lire. If it goes like this, then in the coming days, these prices will rise. We hope to give importance to animal husbandry and find a solution to this situation,” he said.

“A quality product can be imported”

Speaking about imported meat, Chatmabajak said, “Recently, imported meat is on the agenda. There is talk of introducing imported meat to meet rising demand and prevent price increases. Meat used to be imported, and issues related to the quality of meat were discussed. It can be said that the rise in meat prices will stop if quality products are supplied.

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