The solution to raise public transport in Ankara!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – According to news from Ankara, public transport has increased. The Ankara Municipality (ABB) has made a statement about the increase in the number of traffic in Ankara.

ABB said in a statement: “The price of 1 cubic meter of CNG (compressed natural gas) used in EGO Headquarters buses has risen from 1.67 Lira in April 2019 to 20.77 Lira today. The cost has increased by more than 1000 percent. The total expenditure of the EGO General Directorate in November 2022 is TL 382 million. The total revenue from tickets is 120 million Turkish lira. The monthly loss is 262 million lira. This loss was subsidized by the ABB budget for our citizens for several months. However, the cost burden and taxes are increasing day by day.

The statement continued:

“ABV uses natural gas not for commercial purposes, but for public access at an affordable price. Therefore, tariffs and taxation should be carried out according to the same criteria. The natural gas used in LNG is 28 ppm of the natural gas used in Turkey. A CNG bus fleet has been established in the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality due to its low fuel cost and environmental friendliness. This issue is most affecting the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality as it has the largest fleet of CNG buses (84 percent) compared to other municipalities.”

Currently, a full ticket costs 6.5 liras, a student ticket – 3.5 liras, a student subscription – 90 liras per month. According to the new decision made at the UKOME meeting, dated January 15, 2023, we regret to inform you that the full ticket is 9.5 lira, the student ticket is 4.75 lira, and the student subscription is 140 lira, unlimited monthly.

In this process, the President, the relevant ministries and BOTAŞ were presented with the situation to conclude a new tariff agreement in favor of our citizens in the price of LNG used in public transport. If this agreement is not reached, it will be necessary to raise ticket prices again. Otherwise, the continuation of EGO activities is not possible.”

In the November 2022 EGO Directorate-General’s income and expenditure statement, it was announced: “Natural gas 140.5 million lire, electricity 65.7 million lire, personnel 111.2 million lire, diesel fuel 26.5 million lire, technical maintenance and repair 30 million lire, support from ÖHA and ELV. 8 million lira, total expenses in November 382 million lira, total ticket revenue in November: 120 million lira, monthly losses 262 million lira.

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