The tsunami of infection continues for another two months

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Provincial Health Director of Istanbul Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu made important warnings about respiratory diseases that are becoming more common in society. prof. Dr. Memişoğlu said upper respiratory tract infections have increased in recent years, especially in December, January and February.

prof. Dr. Memishoglu explained that people have been away from viruses or similar foci of infection for two years due to the epidemic, so their body’s defense systems have undergone a process of adaptation to them. Noting that upper respiratory tract infections are on the rise in hospitals, Memişoğlu said that although such infections, which are expected to occur in winter, are slightly more frequent this year, they are able to overcome the situation with their healthcare infrastructure.

prof. Dr. Memişoğlu recommended, especially older people who are at risk of such diseases, to wear masks in enclosed spaces where there is a risk of infection, or not to enter these premises. Mentioning that upper respiratory tract infections are most commonly seen in school-age children, Memişoğlu said: “This time it will take a little longer, it is a little tiring, but in the end, our growth continues. We predict that respiratory tract infections will continue until the end of February. This is a routine, because we have this in winter,” he said.

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