The Turkish Statistical Institute released H-PPI data for December 2022.

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. Accordingly, H-PPI increased by 1.41 percent in December 2022 compared to the previous month, by 78.72 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, and by 89.94 percent on a twelve-month average.

Compared to the same month of the previous year, the indicator is 80.17% for transport and storage services, 89.99% for accommodation and catering services, 63.97% for information and communication services, 73.24% for real estate services, professional , scientific and technical services. 78.58 percent, administrative and support services increased by 80.43 percent.

Compared to the previous month, the index shows 3.27% of accommodation and catering services, 2.84% of professional, scientific and technical services, 1.08% of transport and storage services, 0.59% of information and communication services, as well as administrative and ancillary services. While it increased by 0.95 percent, it decreased by 0.85 percent in real estate services.

According to the annual H-PPI, 12 sub-sectors changed lower and 15 sub-sectors showed higher changes. Among the H-PPI sectors, telecommunications services at 41.13 percent, warehousing and support services (for transportation) at 43.07 percent, and legal and accounting services at 47.55 percent were the sub-sectors where the indices rose the least. Programming and broadcasting services with 121.59%, advertising and marketing research services with 119.97% and veterinary services with 103.97% were registered as the sub-sectors where the indices increased the most.

According to the monthly H-PPI, 16 sub-sectors changed lower and 11 sub-sectors showed higher changes. Among the H-PPI sectors, programming and broadcasting services were identified as the sub-sectors where the indices decreased the most, by 12.59 percent, air transport services by 1.86 percent and water transport services by 1.86 percent. Other professional, scientific and technical services were the sub-sectors in which the indices rose the most with 7.10 percent, film, video and television program production services with 5.57 percent and food and beverage presentation services with 4.25 percent.

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