The used car market expanded the service and spare parts sector

SAFAKNA TURKEY – While the used car market has rebounded from the chip crisis and supply issues, the service and parts sector has also taken a beating from the activity. By turning crises into opportunities, the sector is looking to complete its technological infrastructure and grow through e-commerce to provide new jobs.

The automotive sub-sector, which is one of the industries where technology is developing the fastest, is one of the sectors that is most actively innovating to keep up with the rapid changes in global markets and keep up the level of competition. The automotive supply industry, which has reached a level that can satisfy almost all the parts and components needed for vehicles manufactured in Turkey, in terms of its production capacity, product diversity and the standards it has achieved, is of strategic importance for both Turkey and Turkey. companies that will invest in the country. The spare parts sector is attracting attention with its 50% growth in the second quarter of 2022.

Eren Gelener, one of the founding partners of Parts Office, stated that the technological transformation of the auto parts sector in Turkey is not yet complete and said: “Therefore, there is still room for job creation in the sector. When the sector is supported by new investments, a large amount of the market can be captured with the help of new technological infrastructure in both e-commerce and the auto parts sector.

“A car is made up of 30,000 parts”

Ehren Gelener made the following statements in her statement:

“When you consider that a car consists of approximately 1,500 parts, and in the smallest detail about 30,000 parts, it becomes clear how important and large the spare parts sector is. The spare parts sector, which is an industrial area producing all kinds of spare parts and accessories, except for the body, for the automotive sector, which is the most important manufacturing industry of countries with its employment potential and export potential, provides everything a vehicle needs. needs not only in the first stage of production, but also during the entire period of movement. This is an important sector that provides all kinds of spare parts and accessories.”

“There is potential to make a significant contribution to the Turkish economy”

Gökhan Genç, the company’s sales and marketing manager, also said:

“In addition to the fact that 30 percent of companies operating in the automotive sub-sector have ISO 9000, QS 9000, ISO 14000 quality certifications that are accepted in international markets, human skills, knowledge, experience and creativity are often needed, despite development in technique. While this creates the problem that companies cannot find the talented people they are looking for, it also creates the problem of reducing the number of people employed overall. The manufacturing capacity of the automotive sub-sector can create a production value of approximately $9 billion per year if the automotive manufacturing sector operates at 80% capacity and 60% of domestic parts are used in cars produced in our country. For this reason, as with many other sectors, the auto parts industry must keep pace with digital transformation. There are also many local companies that will support the export. In this way, the sector can create great jobs through new digital investments, especially e-commerce platforms, and this shows us the potential to make a significant contribution to the Turkish economy in exports.”

“We are providing known bug fix data to users”

Stating that they have developed an e-commerce platform to facilitate access to spare parts, properly inform users of the sector, and prevent high prices for spare parts, also known as sub-industry, software specialist Bunyamin Chayan said: users with the right data, and concluded his words.

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