The wounded brought from the area of ​​the earthquake to Siirt are being treated.

SAFAKNA, TURKEY – Citizens affected by earthquakes in 11 provinces centered on Kahramanmaras have been taken to Siirt for treatment.

Citizens affected by the earthquakes that affected 11 provinces centered in Kahramanmarash were taken to Siirt and received treatment.

At the same time, 511 citizens whose treatment was completed were discharged, and 351 citizens continue treatment. Expressing that Turkey remained in the heart after the disaster, the chief physician of the Sirte Teaching and Research Hospital, prof. Dr. Selahattin Vural wished God’s mercy to those who died during the earthquake and a speedy recovery to the injured. The head doctor, Vural, who said that they are trying to do their job, as in all hospitals in Turkey, said: “Even though we are 400-500 kilometers away, we have submitted an application.

The doctors and staff of our hospital also provided the necessary treatment and assistance with great love and kindness. The number of patients transferred to the Sirte Teaching and Research Hospital has increased since February, with 862 outpatients admitted to date. We treated 57 of them as inpatients. We have only one loss.

This loss is not a death caused by an earthquake, but a death caused by previous health problems. So we got very good results. Currently, 3 patients are hospitalized in the intensive care unit of our hospital. One of them is intubated, that is, he breathes with a respirator.

Currently, 10 patients are hospitalized and treated in the department,” he said. Vural said: “We didn’t just do medical treatment here.

At the same time, we have provided great support to the best of our ability. The campaign was organized with great dedication with all our staff in our hospital.

Large sums of donations were also made. the necessary materials were purchased and sent to the region. We also provided support to doctors, medical staff, medical assistants and ambulances. But, of course, this pain is really great.

Once again I wish the mercy of God to those who have passed away, I have no doubt that all of Turkey will take care of our wounded patients in the best possible way. I wish them a speedy recovery,” he said.

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