These foods that we eat for breakfast are very harmful!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Breakfast is one of the most important meals. Experts emphasize that people who eat a healthy breakfast are more resistant to diseases, so they should eat breakfast regularly. However, not every breakfast is healthy. Some of the foods we eat for breakfast are very dangerous. Here are those unhealthy foods that we eat, saying that they are practical and tasty …

Everyone’s breakfast habits are different. While some people like to eat breakfast for hours, some don’t have time for it, which is why they prefer practical and quick breakfasts. Many of the foods we eat for breakfast that we consider healthy play a role in the development of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer.

Breakfast cereal is considered healthy and nutritious for children and adults. The main thing is that these grains are highly processed and contain very little grain. Candies and cookies contain more sugar than cereals consumed in the morning. Adding whole grains or artificial vitamins and minerals will not be a healthy solution.


There are two important reasons why margarine toast is unhealthy. First, when the flour in most breads is refined, it is very low in nutrients and fiber. On the other hand, refined foods can raise blood sugar levels too much because they are low in carbs and fiber. Secondly, it contains trans fats, which are the most unhealthy fats in margarine compared to other oils. For this reason, toast made with margarine causes blood sugar levels to rise and you get hungry faster, which leads to weight gain and an increase in heart disease.


It is made from vegetable oil, refined flour, eggs and sugar. The only good thing is the eggs. At times, the sugar content of the cake is high, causing you to gain more calories and weight.


Starting the day with juice in the morning would be the worst choice. Fruit juice can cause weight gain, hunger and chronic disease. If you think sugar is an artificial sweetener, you are risking your health. As you know, most fruit juices are not full juices. He sweetens it by adding sugar or fructose corn syrup. High sugar levels can cause diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Pies, pastries, and similar pastries are usually not very healthy to eat. Eating, especially in the morning, harms the stomach. After a certain time, you will have a burning sensation in the stomach. Pastries that have been eaten too much cause hunger very quickly. This makes you gain weight faster.


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