These products are ideal for suppressing bad breath.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Researchers at Sichuan University in China have found that probiotic bacteria in fermented foods such as yogurt, sourdough bread and miso soup can remove bad breath-causing plaque from teeth and tongue.

Probiotics, also found in pickles and kombucha, are beneficial bacteria that live in the body, break down and absorb nutrients, and protect it from harmful bacteria.

The study looked at whether probiotics could outcompete proteins responsible for bad breath, as they do with harmful bacteria.


The researchers searched databases of clinical trials published up to February 2021. Treatment of bad breath in seven studies involved 278 people; probiotics were compared with the placebo effect.

Participants aged 19 to 70 were studied for two to twelve weeks. A pooled analysis of data published in the BMJ Open found that rates of bad breath were significantly lower in those who took probiotics compared to those who took a placebo, according to the Daily Mail.

The observed effects lasted up to four weeks. Since there was no visible difference after that, the experts suggested that the person continue to use probiotics to avoid bad breath.

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