This applies to millions! Debts will be structured, penalties will be removed.

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – A proposal for a law on the structuring of receivables and the abolition of penalties was adopted by the Planning and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Thanks to this proposal, millions of people will be able to restructure their debts. In addition, with the regulation adopted for the first time, debts not exceeding 2 thousand liras of citizens who have debts of any kind, such as taxes, fines, interest, to the tax authorities will be removed. Here are other items included in the offer.

The “Draft Law on the Restructuring of Certain Accounts Receivable and Amending Certain Laws”, which provides for the restructuring of public accounts receivable, was discussed and adopted by the Planning and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. With the proposal, while government receivables are structured, penalties are also removed.

Bet; All debts of people to the tax authorities, regardless of their type, are included in the scope of the restructuring. All tax penalties, traffic, military service, population, bridges, illegal toll and court fines, administrative fines, student loan debt, and insurance premium debt that were never included in the restructuring clause are also included in the scope. restructuring.

Bet; It is anticipated that secondary receivables such as customs duties, administrative fines, late payment interest and late payment penalties will be included in the scope of the restructuring. The 36-month maturity that was included in previous configurations has been extended to 48 months, i.e. 4 years, with new regulation. Location; This includes debts up to 31 December 2022.

For customization, you can apply to the relevant administration until April 30, 2023. The configured amounts will be paid in cash or in installments. By law, those who have a fine from 5 to 95 points on their track record are discarded. In addition to situations such as alcohol, drugs and causing death, temporarily withdrawn licenses will also be returned.

In addition, the rules adopted for the first time exclude debts not exceeding 2,000 liras from citizens who have debts of any kind, such as taxes, fines and interest to the tax authorities. If the amount of debts due by December 31, 2022 does not exceed 2 thousand lira, the debts will be deleted without any conditions, at a time, under this rule.


On the other side; The changes were made with the accepted proposal of the AKP party. In this context; If debtors who are restructuring their debt and preferring the installment payment option pay the amounts due during the first installment payment period if they pay the remaining installments in full by the end of the following month, the rate will not apply as a cash preference.

At the suggestion of the SEP, a provision was removed from the proposal to abolish the administrative fines imposed on foreigners under the Aliens and International Protection Law No. 6458.

The number of installments on TÜRMOB and TESK subscriber debts has been increased from 6 to 9. The restructuring also included subscription debts to the Chambers of Agriculture and the Union of Agricultural Chambers, as well as fees for water use services payable to the Unions of Irrigators.

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